Author Geri Scazzero


Geri Scazzero famously told her husband, “I quit,” and left the church he pastored, beginning a journey that transformed her and her marriage. Geri and Pete Scazzero are cofounders of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, a ministry that equips churches in a beneath-the-surface spiritual formation paradigm that integrates emotional health and contemplative spirituality. Geri and Pete raised four daughters in Queens, New York City, and she is an avid cook who stays active by hiking, biking, skiing, and body surfing.


The Emotionally Healthy Woman

Eight Things You Have to Quit to Change Your Life
Geri Scazzero with Peter Scazzero

The journey to emotional health begins by quitting. Geri quit being afraid of what others think. She quit lying. She quit denying her anger and sadness. She quit living someone else’s life. When you quit things that are damaging to your soul, you are freed up to choose other ways of being and relating that are rooted in love and lead to life. Discover the way out of inauthentic, superficial spirituality, and find genuine freedom in Christ.


Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Discipleship That Deeply Changes Your Relationship With Others
Geri Scazzero and Peter Scazzero

Ever wonder why we recycle the same problems in our relationships? We’re supposed to love each other, but we get stuck in unhealthy patterns. Because our emotional health drives our relational maturity, we need these eight practical relationship skills, including:

     * Stop Mind Reading
* Genogram Your Family
* Incarnational Listening
* Climb the Ladder of Integrity

And since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, incorporate stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms to grow in your personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

It's Impossible To Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature
Geri Scazzero and Peter Scazzero

Many sincere followers of Christ remain stuck at a level of spiritual immaturity, especially when faced with interpersonal conflicts and crises. The problem is, we can’t grow spiritually beyond where we are emotionally. By knowing yourself so you can know God, going back to go forward, developing a rule of life, and practicing contemplative spirituality, you will learn to integrate your emotional health and your spiritual maturity for an authentic faith.