Author Jenifer Jernigan


Jenifer Jernigan is a Bible study teacher who grew up as a pastor’s kid. Her childhood was fraught with the problems that come with learning disabilities, and her teachers would have never predicted her future as an author. As founder of Diving Deeper Ministries, her passion is to equip women to know God intimately. Jenifer is married to the love of her life, Chris, and they have three beautiful children: Hannah, Will, and Lydia. They live in North Carolina.


Dive Deeper

Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion
Jenifer Jernigan

Jenifer was a church girl who was full of knowledge, but she had become numb to the things of God. On top of that, if one more person told her God “can make a message out of her mess,” she was going to slap him. Out of her drive to get some Jesus—not tradition, or knowledge—into her heart, she learned to D.I.V.E. (define, investigate, visualize, embrace) into Scripture. Dive into the book of Ephesians and fall in love with Jesus.