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Josh McDowell

Author & Speaker | Founder, Josh McDowell Ministry

Sean McDowell

Author & Speaker | Assistant Professor, Biola University

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Title: Defining Truth in a Post-Modern Context

Date: October 22, 2019

Time: 3:00 p.m. EST | 2:00 p.m. CST | 12:00 p.m. PST

Duration: 30 minutes

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About the webcast

Have you ever been stumped by arguments against Christianity or the Bible?

Or wondered if the Bible’s depiction of Jesus is true and not just a made-up fairytale?

For more than forty years, Evidence That Demands a Verdict has convinced skeptics of the Bible’s reliability, helped believers articulate their faith, and given them the vital facts they need to defend God’s Word and lead others to faith in Jesus.

Join bestselling author Josh McDowell and his son Sean McDowell for this 30-minute webcast as they share key insights about changes they’ve seen in how people view truth, why the resurrection is so important to the Christian faith, and how they address questions concerning how a good God could allow people to suffer.

Whether you are a pastor needing to respond to questions coming from people within your church, or someone looking for help with your own questions, you will appreciate the insight and practicality Josh and Sean share in this webcast.

Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell

A trailblazer for truth and relationships, Josh McDowell has been at the forefront of cultural trends and ground-breaking ministry for over five decades.

Josh shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language so that youth, families, churches, leaders and individuals of all ages are prepared for the life of faith and the work of the ministry. This includes leveraging resources based on years of experiences, new technologies and strategic partnerships.

Since 1960, Josh has delivered more than 27,000 talks to over 25,000,000 people in 125 countries. He has written or co-author of 150 books, including More Than a Carpenter and the Completely Updated and Revised Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Josh's books have been translated into 128 different languages.

Josh and his wife, Dottie, are quick to acknowledge that after their love for the Lord, family is their greatest joy and top priority. They have been married 46 years and have four wonderful children and ten beloved grandchildren.

Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell

The son of Josh McDowell, Sean acts as head of the Bible department of a Christian school on the West Coast where he lives with his wife, Stephanie, and two children. He has authored or co-authored several books on apologetics, intelligent design, ethics and youth ministry.

Sean has been a speaker at many youth gatherings all over the country, encouraging young people to take a stand for the Lord in today’s culture. I have greatly enjoyed spending time with Sean on writing projects and sharing speaking engagements with him and look forward to future times of ministry work together.

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