Unshakable Hope Preview Kit

  • Unshakable Hope Book Sample
  • Unshakable Hope Study Guide Sample
  • Unshakable Hope Children's DVD Curriculum Sample - Pre-School, Early Elementary, Late Elementary
  • God Always Keeps His Promises Sample
  • Unshakable Hope Promise Book Sample
  • Our Ultimate Hope Booklet Sample
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Unshakable Hope Church Campaign Kit

Unshakable Hope Church Campaign Kit
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The Unshakable Hope twelve-week church campaign equips adults, students, and children of all ages to drop anchor into the promises God made to his people throughout Scripture.

In this church-wide study, bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado reveals how the heroes in the Bible came from all walks of life. They were rulers, servants, teachers, doctors. They were male, female, single, married. Yet one common denominator united them: they all put their faith in God's promises. Because of God's promises, Noah built an ark on dry land, Abraham went to a distant land, Joshua claimed the Promised Land, David became king, Peter preached the first sermon, and John caught a glimpse of the future.

The stories of the men and women in Scripture were different, but the theme was the same: they were people of the Promise.

This world has a tremble to it. There are things that seem unsteady in this life. But when we belong to God, it allows us to filter our problems through the promises of God. When crises arise, we can simply mutter, "But God said…" When struggles threaten, we can be seen flipping through the Bible, saying, "I know that God said something about this." When we choose to be people of the promise, we choose to build our lives on promises of God not the circumstances of life.

It is through the great and precious promises that we participate in the divine nature of God. They sit like golden stones in the pathway to God's world. They are strong boulders that form the bridge over which we walk from our sin to salvation. They aren't just great, they are "very great"; and they aren't just valuable, they are "precious." To bind them around our neck is to adorn ourselves with the finest jewels of the universe. As Dwight Moody put it, "If you would spend a month feeding on the precious promises of God—you wouldn’t be going about complaining how poor you are. You would lift up your head and proclaim the riches of His Grace, because you couldn’t help doing it."

This church campaign kit includes everything you need to run the Unshakable Hope church campaign:

  • Unshakable Hope book
  • Unshakable Hope Study Guide
  • Unshakable Hope Video Study DVD
  • Praying the Promises
  • Unshakable Hope Promise Book: Student Edition
  • Promises from God: Unshakable Hope for Kids
  • Unshakable Hope Children’s Curriculum CD-ROM (12 lessons each for preschool, early elementary, and later elementary)
  • Customizable promotional resources