Watch Session One from June 2 - 15

You Belong Session 1 - Do I Belong?

  • Read: You Belong Study Guide, pp. 13-38
  • In two weeks: Session 2 - The Roles We Play, Available June 16-22

Are you a small group leader or someone looking for a way to connect people together to promote community during the You Belong Summer Online Bible Study?

Invite a friend to the FREE You Belong Online Bible Study!

I want to encourage and challenge you to do that TODAY. If you haven’t already asked at least 2 people to join you in this study, go and do that right now. Text them, call them, email them, or post on your social page.

Tell them they can sign up here:

When I have something good I can’t keep it to myself. How about you?

A free offer to someone with the answer to help them know they belong in a moment that life is hard might just be the encouragement they need right now.

We are so much better together. This is one beautiful solution to our issue of social distancing: finding our belonging in God together by doing a free Bible Study that is all about Him.