Watch Session Four from October 26 - November 1

The Three-Mile Walk Session 4 - Call to Faith

  • Read: The Three-Mile Walk Study Guide, pp. 69 – 79

The study guide also includes a Between-Sessions Study section each week. This section invites you to further explore the material you’ve covered each week by engaging in deeper study and personal reflection. For this week, read and answer questions in the Between-Sessions Study section (pp. 81 – 91) of The Three-Mile Walk the Bible Study Guide.


You can buy The Three-Mile Walk Study Guide anywhere books are sold or below for discounted prices.

Each person in the group should have their own copy of this study guide. You are also encouraged to have a copy of The Three-Mile Walk book, as reading the book alongside the video study will provide you with deeper insights and make the journey more meaningful, especially for your professional context. (See the “For Next Week” section at the end of each between-studies section for the chapters in the book that correspond to material you and your group are discussing.)