Pastors, Ready to File Your Taxes? This One-Stop Resource Will Help

by Dan Busby, Michael Martin, and John Van Drunen, adapted from their new book Zondervan 2017 Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide (For 2016 Tax Returns). Ministers continue to be faced with a plethora of tax and finance developments. A summary of some of the more significant developments are listed below. […]

Which of These 3 Leadership Delusions Have You Embraced?

by Joseph M. Stowell, adapted from his book Redefining Leadership: Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders, now in softcover for the first time. Delusion 1: Outcomes are the primary measure of success. The more a person accomplishes, the better the chances are that they will be hailed as a great leader. […]

How to Comfort the Deeply Wounded

by Ajith Fernando, adapted from his book Reclaiming Love: Radical Relationships in a Complex World. Antoine Rutayisire, a church leader from Rwanda who lost many of his loved ones in the Rwandan genocide, is now actively involved in bringing healing to his land. During a visit he made to Sri […]

Where Have All the Lamenting Pastors Gone?

by Esther Fleece, No More Faking Fine. Would you hire David as your worship pastor? Would you share your pulpit with the weeping prophet Jeremiah? How would your staff respond to Nehemiah’s public display of sorrow during a staff meeting? Would Esther be given a seat at the church leadership […]

Pride: Its Warning Signs and 2 Strategies for Beating It

by Christopher J. H. Wright, adapted from his new book Hearing the Message of Daniel: Sustaining Faith in Today’s World. We are all building something. It may be our own personal little empire, or just our own little nest. It may be our career, our project, or our business. It […]

9 Practical Ways Your Church Can Serve Local Children

by Chuck Bomar, adapted from his new book Serving Local Schools: Bring Christ’s Compassion to the Core of Your Community. The goal of my book Serving Local Schools is simple: to help the average Christian fruitfully engage their community. I believe the local public schools provide the means for this […]

Serving Local Schools