What if You Don’t Know Your Life Goal? 7 Practical Steps to Take Now

1. Do what’s before you with excellence. When you don’t know what your goals are or what your vision in life is, the last thing you should do is nothing. Instead, do what’s before you with excellence. That is often the path to identifying what you should be doing, or […]


10 Essential Qualities of an Effective Ambassador for Christ

Representing Christ today requires three basic skills. First, Christ’s ambassadors need the basic knowledge necessary for the task. They must know the central message of God’s kingdom and something about how to respond to the obstacles they’ll encounter on their diplomatic mission. However, it is not enough for followers of […]


Where Does The Future Of American And The Stability Of The World Lie?

In 2011, I wrote a book titled I Never Thought I’d See the Day. In that book I discussed the changes occurring in America that, in my younger days, I never dreamed possible. Throughout the first half or more of my life, the principles of Christianity provided the underpinnings of […]


The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet for Understanding Paul’s Letters

Galatians: Against the Judaizers (A.D. 49*) The main theme is justification by divine grace through faith in Jesus Christ—against the Judaizing doctrine of meritorious works of the law. In other words, Galatians insists on Christian liberty from any doctrine of salvation that requires human effort in addition to divine grace. […]


Will Your Church Reach the Next Generation? 9 Questions to Help You Find Out

How important is it to you personally that your church continue to have positive impact for future generations? How confident do you feel that your church is effectively reaching (or will continue to effectively reach) the next generation—those who are younger than the average age of your community? What indicators […]


How Cultural Backgrounds Can Shed New Light on Familiar Bible Stories

Your congregation has heard many Bible stories dozens of times. But are the people in your care missing key behind-the-scenes details into the biblical world that would deepen their understanding and appreciation of Scripture? The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible is packed with expert insight into the customs and culture […]