7 Ways to Create a Culture of Invitation

  Alpha is a ten-week course that provides a safe place to explore life’s biggest questions. Globally proven and highly effective, Alpha creates a culture of invitation within your church and is a great front door for people exploring faith. A personal invitation is at the heart of effective church […]

How Can Christians Reach Muslims? 2 Insights from Nabeel Qureshi

There is a simple reason I never listened to street preachers [when I was a Muslim]: they didn’t seem to care about me. It wasn’t that they were annoying. I found their passion admirable, and I appreciated people who stood up for what they believed. Rather, it was that they […]

11 ways to get your church behind Alpha

  You’ve got the venue. Check. You’ve got the dates in the diary. Check. You’ve got the team trained. Check. You’re ready to go… but the church aren’t as invested as you are. Sound familiar? Here are eleven quick tips for getting your church members behind your Alpha course!   […]

9 ways to make Alpha (really) fun

  Looking for ideas on how to make your Alpha as fun as possible? We’ve got you covered. Here are nine top tips from Dave Larlee in Texas that will keep your guests engaged, entertained and coming back for more. From his experience at All Saints Dallas we pluck nine […]