What evidence do we have for God’s existence?

One might ask, if what we believe about God determines our ultimate destiny, shouldn’t the evidence [for God’s existence] be more obvious and available? If knowing God is so important, why does he remain so hidden? Space doesn’t permit us to explore all the answers to these questions here, but […]

Saving Truth

Emotionally Healthy Church – My Four Conversions

As we progress in the Christian life, we find that it is a never-ending process. We go back, breaking some destructive power of the past. Then later, on a deeper level, God has us return to the same issue on a more profound level. I have experienced four conversions so […]

My Four Conversions - My Emotionally Healthy Church

2 Remarkable Actions of Jesus & Why They Matter

Jesus’ preaching about the kingdom, and his reputation as a miracle worker, raise the critical question of how he understood his identity and mission. While our limited sources do not allow us to build a psychological profile of Jesus, the implicit significance of Jesus’ words and deeds can tell us […]

Introducing Jesus

Stuck? 3 Productivity Traps & How To Escape Them

Many of us feel like we are not getting done what really matters to us and what we are truly capable of doing. And even when we are accomplishing things, doing so is a battle that surely must be harder than it really has to be. The goal of my […]

How to get unstuck book

3 Marks of a Faith-Fueled Work Ethic

The gospel flips the way we think about the people with whom we work. Once you realize you work for Jesus and your first responsibility is to follow him, then you realize your job isn’t just about you anymore. Your job becomes an arena in which to worship and bring […]

The Gospel At Work