“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” –Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride So it goes with the church and its mission. Evangelicals especially use the word “church” with great frequency, yet exhibit very little critical reflection on what this word means. […]

Church & Mission: Two Words You Thought You Knew

Shaped By The Gospel
The theological vision is at the center of ministry. A theological vision creates a bridge between doctrine and expression. It is central to how all ministry happens. Two churches can have different doctrinal frameworks and ministry expressions but the same theological vision — and they will feel like sister ministries. […]

Theological Vision and the 3-Part Balancing Act

Our idols take various forms — power and success; approval; comfort and pleasure; control; security. Since true change only occurs when we repent of and turn from the deep-seated idols in our lives, a key aspect of gospel coaching is learning to identify our idols and repent of them. Just […]

How to Recognize Idolatry and Repentance

Known by God: A Biblical Theology
A defining moment is a point at which the essential character of a person is established. It is an identity-forming event, something that makes someone who they are and flows through to their behavior. It can be an achievement or a failure, something you do or something done to or […]

What Makes You, You? A Biblical Reflection on Defining Moments ...

Mere Sexuality
The first conviction is simple. Sexuality matters, because what you do with your body sexually can determine your destiny eternally. Certain sexual practices can shut you out of the kingdom of God. This is the startling truth Paul wanted the Corinthians to understand [see 1 Corinthians 6:9–11]. For many people […]

Sex: 4 Core Scriptural Convictions

A grievance policy gives elders of any church a clear procedure for raising concerns with the members and/or actions of the leadership council, the executive elder team, and/or the full council of elders. Such a policy seems unnecessary until there is disagreement or tension among the elders. Therefore, it is […]

Need to Resolve a Church Disagreement Between Elders? This Grievance ...