Help Your Church or Group Master the Basics of the Bible

In a Breakpoint Commentary titled, “Americans Fail Theology 101”* best-selling author Eric Metaxas wrote, “Could you pass a basic theology quiz? Several thousand Americans just tried.  Uh-oh! Too bad God doesn’t grade on the curve.”   Then he commented on a LifeWay Research survey that revealed embarrassing ignorance and bizarre […]

4 Steps to Meet as a Bible Study Group Virtually

It is easy to feel disconnected, lonely, and unmoored in this new reality of social distancing and shelter-in-place due to the novel coronavirus. Churches and small groups are not able to meet in person, but it’s still true that the best way to deepen our Christian faith and grow closer […]

Three Ways Pastors Can Help Parents Pass on Faith to Their Children

Our oldest daughter, who is turning sixteen soon, said to me when she was about eight or nine, “Dad, I’m glad you are a pastor.” Having grown up a pastor’s kid myself, I was a bit surprised! When I asked her why, she said, “Because you teach us the Bible.” […]

Your negative self-talk is holding you back.

Here’s how to break free. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and hopelessly comparing yourself to the people you see there? I look at them and think, I’ll never look that good while I’m working out. Or I’ll never be able to afford that kind of vacation […]

Unlock the Health-Giving Power of the Holy Communion

GOD WANTS YOU HEALED AND WHOLE  Wouldn’t you agree that apart from the gift of salvation, the greatest blessing we can receive is health? As pastors and leaders especially, we want to see our church members healthy and strong. We want to see them enjoying their loved ones, walking in […]

Once upon a time in first-century Roman-occupied Palestine…

…an itinerant Jewish teacher began to attract attention for his surprising statements about God, his radical approach to religion and politics, and his healing care for the poor, lonely, and sick. His message offended the ruling authorities, and he was executed. Shortly thereafter, his followers began to claim that their […]