3 Marks of a Faith-Fueled Work Ethic

The gospel flips the way we think about the people with whom we work. Once you realize you work for Jesus and your first responsibility is to follow him, then you realize your job isn’t just about you anymore. Your job becomes an arena in which to worship and bring […]

The Gospel At Work

Establish Friendship Before You Correct

Friendship is far more important to God than we often realize. We tend to think he puts top priority on performance, purity, and perfection, and we assume relationship is the eventual reward for those things. In other words, the more like Jesus we become, the closer our relationship with him […]

Friend of Sinners

The Substance & Theology of Love: Lessons from 1 Corinthians

Love is a way of being as a person, a way of thinking, acting, and living. It is, in fact, being Christ-like or (given the first-person singular in 11:1) even being like Paul, who has shown us what this looks like in his own life in chapter 9 and so […]

Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

Crash Course in Biblical Authorship – Who Wrote the Bible?

When we approach the Bible, our first question is usually, What does it say? Now that’s a good question. But we need to ask another question first: What is the Bible? This is a big question, so we’ll break it into three separate questions: Who wrote the Bible? How does […]

Christ from Beginning to End

Rebuild and Celebrate – Book of Nehemiah

One of the greatest lessons I personally learned as I wrote a book about the process of rebuilding based on Nehemiah was the need to celebrate. Nehemiah celebrated when the task was finished, but he also celebrated as they were building the wall of Jerusalem.  Many rebuild the “wall” only […]

Putting It together Again When It's All Fallen Apart

Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

Pastoring a church isn’t a 9 to 5 thing; it’s a lifestyle job—24/7! There will always be more to do than we can ever get done, and more people we ought to spend time with than we possibly can. Raising Passionate Jesus Followers In the throes of it all, unfortunately, […]

Raising Passionate Jesus Followers