Author Ann Spangler


Ann was drawn to her career in Christian publishing by a good book - The Chronicles of Narnia. In her own writing, she loves to surprise her readers by revealing a God who is far bigger and better than we might imagine. In 2013 she was named Logos Author of the Year, an award given to an author "whose works exemplify the power of books to change lives forever." Although she is single, she became the mother to two beautiful daughters, Katie and Luci, who were both born in mainland China.


The Names of God

52 Bible Studies For Individuals And Groups
Ann Spangler

How would you like it if you were named after your primary character trait? Would you be called Joy? Or Faith? How about Complainer? Perfectionist? In the ancient world, names did more than distinguish one person from another; they conveyed the essential nature and character of a person. This is especially true when it comes to the names of God. By exploring his names and titles we discover who God is and how he loves us.



Less Than Perfect

Broken Men and Women of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them
Ann Spangler

In her vibrant vignettes of thirty biblical characters, Ann Spangler gets to the heart of the matter: God always works with deeply flawed people, and he often works in spite of them. Read aloud the rich portraits to enter each character’s times and resonate with the familiarity of their situations. Then, discuss the key takeaway points that remind us that these stories are our stories, and God still works with less-than-perfect people.