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Gari Meacham is a writer, speaker, and teacher, whose passion for the word of God has been forged from her struggles with severe food bondage, growing up with a father who was a quadriplegic, and her marriage to a professional baseball player. Gari lives in Houston, Texas where she teaches at her home church, Second Baptist Church of Houston. She has been married to Bobby for over 30 years, and they have two children and two grandchildren.


Spirit Hunger

Filling Our Deep Longing to Connect with God
Gari Meacham

Do you stay safe with God? Can you say you’re desperate for God? What would happen if you truly abandoned yourself to experience an adventure with God? Get gutsy in your prayers. Peel back the layers of lesser loves—such as control or insecurity—we use to fill our true ‘hunger’ for a relationship with God. Journey to the raw places of desiring God and discovering a faith-filled way of praying and believing the God we adore.