8 Simple Techniques for Making Your Evangelism Stand Out

In today’s culture of spin, Christians have an opportunity to look radically different from most by refusing to spin as they seek to lead others to the gospel. It is certainly true that as apologists we seek to convince others, and there is a place for using technique in our […]

Good News about Bible Study: Faithfulness Isn’t a Checklist

Two of the hardest things about serious Bible study are getting started and then sustaining the effort. While a word like “sustaining” naturally speaks of regularity and continuity, I’m not talking about treating Bible study like your morning routine. I’m not suggesting you make it part of a routine at […]

Brief Insights on Mastering Bible Study

Cripple Your Small Group’s Effectiveness in 12 Easy Steps

There is an antidote to lone wolf, silo-type living, and it is “conference.” Conference, author Joanne J. Jung shows us, is a practice of focused, spiritual conversations that promote ongoing transformation. You will find out how churches can use conference to escape silo-type living in Jung’s new book, The Lost […]

The Lost Discipline of Conversation

A Biblical Framework for Women in Church Leadership Roles

Regardless of what your opinion may be about women filling positions of leadership in the church, Jesus spoke of several women who played important roles in spreading the gospel message. The following article is an excerpt from the new book Now That I’m Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a […]

Now That I’m Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry