In the face of rejection, God stops and says that you are significant


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Even when life doesn’t affirm you, God does. What is unresolved is not unseen by God.


In this FREE online Bible study, you’ll be introduced to a woman of the Bible named Hagar, the slave of an insecure and impatient woman named Sarah. We’ll see how both Hagar and Sarah were desperate for significance, mired in the feeling that the world saw them as deficient, and hiding their shame by mistreating others.

Jada Edwards, Kasey Van Norman, and Nicole Johnson will take you through Hagar’s story as she learns from hurt and heartache that what is unresolved is not unseen by God. The lack of finality in Hagar’s story teaches us to trust God with the ending–believing he sees us and he knows.





Who Is This Study For?

  • You are wondering if you measure up—to others or to God—and need biblical teaching and application of what it means to be seen and known by God.
  • You as a Bible Study Leader are looking for solid, biblical teaching along with practical application to challenge and equip your group members.
  • You as a Women’s Ministry Leader are looking for a way for your ministry to explore the humanity of Hagar and discover God’s perspective about the women you lead.


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  • FREE access to 4 teaching videos with Jada Edwards, Kasey Van Norman, and Nicole Johnson.
  • FREE download of the Hagar session one study guide.
  • FREE download of Carolyn Custis James’s chapter on Hagar from her book Lost Women of the Bible.
  • FREE download Max Lucado Bible study on Sarah from Ten Women of the Bible.
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