11 ways to get your church behind Alpha

  You’ve got the venue. Check. You’ve got the dates in the diary. Check. You’ve got the team trained. Check. You’re ready to go… but the church aren’t as invested as you are. Sound familiar? Here are eleven quick tips for getting your church members behind your Alpha course!   […]

9 ways to make Alpha (really) fun

  Looking for ideas on how to make your Alpha as fun as possible? We’ve got you covered. Here are nine top tips from Dave Larlee in Texas that will keep your guests engaged, entertained and coming back for more. From his experience at All Saints Dallas we pluck nine […]

Should I Necessarily draw Out a Divine Message at All from an Opportunity?

When Saul entered into the cave where David was hiding with his men (see 1 Samuel 24:1–22), his men interpreted the event as a divine opportunity for revenge. In fact, they referenced a prophetic word virtually claiming that God was saying to kill Saul now. David faced a difficult decision […]

Lead Like A Shepherd: The Secret to Leading Well

What makes leading like a shepherd so important? Why do you consider it the secret to leading well? One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that a leader’s ethos and attitude toward the flock he or she leads is ultimately a game changer. It’s far […]

A Simple, Dramatic Difference between Bible Times and Today

Most people in the biblical world had never read the Bible. This might seem like a shocking statement. It’s one of the more dramatic examples of how our lives as Christians are quite unlike the lives of biblical people. But once you give the assertion some thought, it becomes clear […]