How to Prove the Bible is True

Is the New Testament we have today what was originally written down or has it been changed? Did people take out what they didn’t like or add what they did like? Whenever you check out any document of history (including the Bible) you apply historiography—the principles of determining authenticity. This […]

When to Try Door Number Three

THERE’S A THIRD DOOR Weariness had set in and I was ready to throw in the towel.  The organization I started wasn’t growing and disappointment and stress had taken their toll.  So, I sought the counsel of a well-known minister. I asked one simple question: “Is it time for me […]

What to Teach Your Church About Budget

Teaching about budget can be a challenge, especially when church finances are behind budget. Read on for field-tested advice on what to teach your congregation about budget, including tips for when finances are behind budget, and when you are considering an emergency appeal. This article is adapted from pastor Jamie […]

What Made Jesus Mad? Interview with Tim Harlow

Q: This month your new book was released, called What Made Jesus Mad? What did make Jesus mad, would you say? A: I think there was a theme to Jesus’ anger: Denied Access to the Father. Q: For you, what is the key story of Jesus getting mad? A: I […]

How Do You Prepare Couples for a Happy Marriage?

WE NEVER HAD PREMARITAL counseling, but we spent the first year of our married life in therapy. Once a week, we met with a counselor who helped us iron out the wrinkles we never even saw before getting married. Not that we were in serious trouble. But we had this […]

The Journey to Know God – You Need To Know

Growing up in the church, I often heard people talking about what it means to “know God.” I assumed that they meant knowing about God, presumably from reading their Bibles and paying closer attention to our pastor’s sermons than I probably did. But when I was fifteen, I visited a […]