Answering the Call to Lo Debar

by By Rob Cowles, adapated from the new book The God of New Beginnings: How the Power of Relationship Brings Hope and Redeems Lives When Mephibosheth was five years old, his father, Jonathan and grandfather, Saul the king of Israel, were killed in a battle with the Philistines. Word of their […]

The God of New Beginnings

The Golden-Mouthed Preacher: Lessons Learned from John Crysostom

John Chrysostom (ca. 349–407) boldly called for distinctive Christian living and piety, and he denounced the abuses of the wealthy and powerful. His direct preaching eventually raised the ire of the imperial family, and he was deposed and died in exile. His moral commitment, liturgical refinement, and biblical commentary still […]

A Legacy of Preaching

How to Tell the Gospel with Storytelling

“For every generation, or maybe even every decade, a book comes out that will become a standard reference for evangelism and apologetics,” says CT’s recommendation. “This book has the potential to become the leading manual for Christians engaged in outreach for many years to come. Chan discusses a wide set of issues […]

Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Matthew’s Surprising and Barely Recognizable Christmas Story

Matthew’s version of our favorite holiday [Matthew 1:18-2:23] is hardly recognizable except for the star and the wise men. Joseph nearly divorcing Mary, Herod’s diabolical ploy, the slaughter of the innocents, the flight to Egypt, waiting for a wicked king to die—none of these things make the cover of Christmas […]

Matthew (Story of God Bible Commentary)

3 Lies About Fighting Sin

Sin is a reality for every Christian. Which is why fighting sin is one of the most common topics a Christian thinks about, wrestles with, and seeks counsel on. However, many of us carry around 3 subtle lies about how to fight sin. If we want to kill sin in […]

Rewire Your Heart

Preparing Couples for a Marriage, Not a Wedding

As pastors, our call isn’t to put on a great prelude to a party (i.e., a wedding). It’s to prepare engaged couples for marriage, a lifelong relationship. Too often, time constraints lead many of us to focus the bulk of our “preparation” on planning a ceremony. Here’s how we can […]

Preparing Your Heart for Marriage: Devotions for Engaged Couples