Leading A Church In A Time Of Sexual Questioning

“Pastor,” in tears, “my daughter just came home from college and told me she thinks she is a lesbian. We don’t know what to do.” “Pastor,” in confusion, “a seventh-grade girl told her group she is bisexual, and has a crush on another girl. Should we let her come on […]

Emotionally Healthy Culture and Team Building

Creating an emotionally healthy culture and building a healthy team are among the primary tasks for every leader, whether that leader is a senior pastor, a para-church ministry department head, a nonprofit or a marketplace executive, a church board member, or a small group leader. And the task for Christian […]

Christians Can Be Confident They Won’t Lose Salvation (Here’s Why)

Are you or Christians you know asking, “Am I really a Christian?” Are Christ-followers in your church letting fear, past mistakes, doubts, and other troubles rob them of confidence in their final salvation? Then this article adapted from Robert A. Peterson’s The Assurance of Salvation: Biblical Hope for Our Struggles […]

How Was the Bible Written? A Visual Exploration

How was the Bible written? How were the Scriptures “God-breathed”? Explore these questions in a new way with Tim Challies and Josh Byers in this article adapted from A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible: Seeing and Knowing God’s Word. This book makes the deepest truths of the Bible accessible […]

Visual Theology Guide to the Bible

Am I Hearing the Holy Spirit or My Intuition?

I have a four-step process I follow when I make decisions. Especially when I make big decisions. This is a process I learned through years of personal crisis, and it’s one that has served me well not only in three decades as a CEO and business leader in the competitive […]

Sacred pace

7 Areas for Couples to Circle in Prayer

Nothing has the potential to bring change to a relationship like prayer. Prayer can soften our hearts, provide wisdom and patience beyond our ability, and remind us of the pure love and grace we have received from the Lord so that we might extend it to another. In The Circle […]

Praying Circles Around Your Marriage